About Us

The Bamboo Experience is a local, family-run business that establishes with the passion and run by a dynamic young team, and for the benefit of local Lao people.

Our Mission is to preserve the tradition and culture of Laos that passed down for many decades, we design and focus on the unique “Experiences” in our program which related to the versatile bamboo plant, Lao culture and way of life. We also ensure that art and handicraft are shared with the next generations. Our tour is committed to sustainable & responsible tourism practices, and we work closely with local villagers in Ban Nasang.

Our goal is to promote the sustainable bamboo plant and the meaning of this giant grass, bamboo can also be a good alternative of wood consumption and the benefit of the environment because it’s growing so quickly and easy generation species. It’s been very essential to Lao people for centuries about food, art, handicraft and many more. We help travelers to be connected closely with the villagers from Ban Nasang to learn and experience their way of life.

Our Staff is friendly, open-minded and enjoy talking to visitors from other countries. Most importantly they love to share their knowledge about Lao culture and Bamboo products. They all work part-time and some of them are also university students.

Our Cuisine we focus on promoting bamboo shoots. Lao people have been consuming bamboo shoots for years and recipes have been passed down through many generations. The most famous bamboo dishes include Bamboo soup “Kaeng Naw Mai”, Stuffed bamboo shoot with minced pork, Spicy fermented bamboo shoot sauce eaten with sticky rice. There are also many more bamboo shoot dishes to try in Laos.