Baci – Blessing ceremony

Briefly the Baci is a ceremony to celebrate a special event, whether a marriage, a homecoming, a welcome, a birth, or one of the annual festivals. A mother is given a baci after she has recovered form a birth, the sick are given bacis to facilitate a cure, officials are honored by bacis, and novice monks are wished luck with a baci before entering the temple. The Baci ceremony can take place any day of the week and all year long, preferably before noon or before sunset. The term more commonly used is su kwan, which means “calling of the soul”.

Your experience

  • Meet local villagers to learn about Lao culture, their believes and way of life.
  • Enjoy a rustic pavillion modelled on a traditional Lao house, perched in a picturesque setting next to rice fields.
  • A warm welcoming, interactive blessing ceremony with local villagers.
  • Enjoy traditional fork song “Khap Thoom Luang Prabang”


  • Round-trip transfer from/to your hotel in the center of town
  • English speaking Interpreter
  • Welcome drink
  • Local snacks, fruits and home-made banana whiskey


  • Specialty drinks
  • Tips

*Please contact us for pricing


  • This ceremony pairs very well with the cooking class, it also gives you a great chance to end your day and prepare your own dinner. please enquire within your email for this arrangement – we will provide the best price possible.